What do I wear?

Dancers are encouraged to wear leotard and tights or leggings and tank top or tshirt for most classes. However we want all dancers to be comfortable while moving. All classes, except hip hop, require teachers to be able to see body lines to ensure proper alignment. Please wear clothes that will allow the teacher to see your lines.

What about shoes?

Ballet- Ballet slippers

Jazz- Jazz Shoes

Contemporary/Lyrical- Bare Feet

Hip Hop- Sneakers

Technique- Any shoe (jazz, ballet, bare feet)

Tap- Tap Shoes

If you are unable to get shoes for the first few classes then socks will be fine with the exception of Tap and Hip Hop

How do I know what level I am in?

Level placement starts with age but is ultimately decided by the skill level of the dancer. If you feel your dancer should be up or down a level please schedule a placement review with the Director, Chrissa by calling 541-214-7086

Yes. Classes can be made up within 4 weeks of missing class in a class of the same level.

Can I make up a missed class?